Child Custody

Is anything more important than your children?

Parents fighting and daughter being upset

Child custody disputes are always difficult–especially for your children. The best possible result is when both parents can agree on what’s best for the children and commit to do what’s necessary to minimize conflict. In these cases, Chaney Law can help you draft a parenting plan that avoids common pitfalls and problems that cause conflict and division later on.

“The best possible result is when both parents can agree on what’s best for the children…”


Sometimes, though, one parent isn’t willing to do what’s best for the children, opting instead to use the custody dispute as a way to punish, control, or manipulate. In other cases, it’s just not safe for the children to be in the other parent’s care. If either of these scenarios describe your case, you need to be ready to give it all you’ve got to fight for your kids.  After all, they’re counting on you.

“Sometimes…you need to be ready…to fight for your kids”

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Whether the other parent is simply being unreasonable or whether you have legitimate concerns for your children’s care and safety in the other home, you need a strong, competent advocate to help you protect the future your children deserve. You need a fighter who is ready to go the distance. Some cases end in the courtroom, others end in negotiation. In any case the best way to stand up for your children and your custody rights is to show that you mean business from the start.

“…the best way to stand up for your children…is to show that you mean business.”

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