Who is this person?


The person you’re divorcing may not be the same person you fell in love with.  Many people who face divorce are surprised at how calloused and dishonest someone they once trusted can be once the decision to divorce has been made.  Others fall prey to manipulators who take them to the cleaners by taking advantage of lingering feelings.

Divorce of wife and husband

Even some who initially think they can part peacefully later regret not protecting themselves.  After all, they used to love and trust each other, so they’re not prepared when the other person acts in ways they never imagined possible.

Difficulties in relationship

Whether you’re looking forward to the divorce or wishing you could avoid it, protecting yourself with competent legal representation is critical.  After the property and custody issues are decided you will have time to work through your feelings, but if you’re going through a divorce now is the time to take steps to avoid being taken advantage of.

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