Death and Serious Injury

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to just look at the dollar amount on your medical bills and then offer you a corresponding figure as compensation. This does not take into account the many other ways that your catastrophic injury has affected you, both short term and long term.

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The more serious the claim, the greater the incentive for those on the other side to minimize the payout. It’s even more important that all the details of the case are handled properly so that the other guys don’t have an excuse to avoid paying what’s right.

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No Win No Fee

For your serious injury/wrongful death case, we guarantee:

  1. We won’t take a fee unless we get you cash-in-hand (you get a net-settlement*); and
  2. We won’t take a fee that’s larger than your net settlement before costs are deducted*.
* Your net settlement is your overall recovery minus your costs (expert fees, filing fees, etc.), reimbursement to your own insurance carrier, payment of medical liens, and payment of any other third-party claim for payment out of the settlement. Ask us for details.