Truck Crashes

As with car crashes, truck crashes can cause you expensive medical care and treatment, loss of property, and mounting bills because of missed work.

Danger on the road, a huge truck in city traffic

Truck crashes are different from regular car crashes in a couple different ways. First, there are complex DOT regulations that may play a role in your case. Second, because of their size, truck crashes are capable of far more damage.

This added complexity can mean that without an attorney, jumping through all the hoops to get a decent recovery can prevent you from recovering what you deserve. Let Chaney Law Office take care of it for you.

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No Win No Fee

For your truck crash case, we guarantee:

  1. We won’t take a fee unless we get you cash-in-hand (you get a net-settlement*); and
  2. We won’t take a fee that’s larger than your net settlement before costs are deducted*.
* Your net settlement is your overall recovery minus your costs (expert fees, filing fees, etc.), reimbursement to your own insurance carrier, payment of medical liens, and payment of any other third-party claim for payment out of the settlement. As us for details