Chaney Law Office offers mediation services provided through Sarah Chaney, Mediator.  Mediation can be a highly beneficial and cost effective way to resolve litigation or potential litigation.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral person with special training helps look for possible areas of agreement between two people who are in conflict.
Mediators help parents draft workable custody schedules, neighbors resolve long-standing disputes, an find ways for people to resolve their issues without extending litigation.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation has several key benefits over traditional litigation:
1. A mediated agreement may be followed more willingly than an order from a judge that is issued after a trial;
2. Mediation is far less expensive than taking a lawsuit or divorce/custody matter all the way to trial; and
3. Mediation gives you the opportunity to resolve concerns that may be difficult to bring up in the formality of a courtroom.

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When Would I Choose Mediation?

If you have a dispute you feel might end up in court, mediation may be a good first step to avoid costly litigation.
If you’re in the process of determining child custody, a judge may order you to attend mediation. In this case, you’ll work with your attorney (if you have one) to suggest a mediator; and, if you and the other side can’t agree, the judge would choose your mediator for you.
A court order isn’t necessary to attend mediation, however, and many people begin with mediation as a way to resolve disputes.
If you have an attorney in your current conflict, he/she would be the best person to speak with about possible mediation.

Can You Help Us Write Up a Custody Agreement?

Yes. If you and the other person reach an agreement through mediation, we can help with child support calculations and drafting the parenting plan you’ll need to get your agreement signed by a judge.

Can I hire Chaney Law Office to be my attorney if mediation doesn’t work?

No. Chaney Law Office can’t offer you mediation (as a neutral party) and legal representation (as the advocate for one side or the other) in the same conflict.
This also means that if we’ve represented one party as their attorney, we can’t then offer mediation services for that same person.
Both attorneys and mediators are required to be on high alert for potential conflicts of interest.

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